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There are many problems companies risk incurring into when they ship to trade show venues. Trucks disappearing, no reference person on-site to speak with, delivery of damaged goods are more frequent than people care to admit. But our goal is to have anyone who decides to ship with us exclaim: “How did you do it? You solved all my problems in one shot!”
We want to surprise you and we know we can do it by giving you something no one else can.

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“In the last thirty years, I have studied the main transport and shipping methods, sales habits and customs practices in the major global destinations. In 2011, right in the middle of the economic crisis, I decided to set up my own company with the precise intention of specializing in the world of trade shows. The main mission of my job is this: the goods must be delivered at the trade show venue in the times and ways agreed upon, no matter what”. Andrea Bianchi

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Design Shanghai, 2018
Stefano Sollazzo / Medinit Veronafiere

Design Shanghai, 2018
Aldo / Nahoor

Design Downtown Dubai, 2017

Medinit Casablanca, 2017
Marcello / Tosco Marmi OMG