every shipment to the trade show venue is

I-SPED: shipping for trade shows – fast, tracked and guaranteed

We are the only company offering a “Tracked, Delivered and Guaranteed” assurance. In the time it takes you to organize the transfer to the trade show venue, your goods will have arrived at their destination, intact and with no delays. This way you save time, money and… you will be so relaxed and poised that your booth neighbors will mistake you for a visitor!

Trade show services

Forget the anxiety due to delays and non-deliveries at trade shows. We update you any time you want via email or sms on the whereabouts of your goods and you can always count on a 24/7 physical presence on the trade show premises. You will be more relaxed and can thus concentrate on business.
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Differently from many other freight forwarders, our shipments are tracked and protected through a guarantee. If we do not deliver the goods within the subsequent 12 hours of the delivery time agreed upon, you owe nothing.
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The I-Sped blog

Do you want to know more about our tracking system? Or do you want a heads-up on which freight forwarders to avoid in order not to waste time and money? I-Sped’s blog will answer all your questions clearly and simply… even if you’re not an expert on shipping.
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This guide will save you from rip-offs…
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What are the 5 secrets to shipping to the trade show venue without delays in delivery, without destroying the goods and without experiencing needless tension? Discover them now by downloading the guide that will clarify all your doubts, without complicating things and without wasting your time, FREE OF CHARGE.

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