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We know how important it is to match all our customers’ needs, even when these are demanding. Businesses may encounter problems or difficulties, and that is exactly why we operate: we are here to help sort things out, whether due to a production delay or a challenging sales request.

We deliver at any hour of the day and the night, and even on holidays. We ship any type of goods from jewelry to machinery; from samples to accessories.

For any kind of help and or assistance please contact Ms. Monica

I-Sped can offer a wide range of services that cover the entire logistics management of our clientele, with storage facilities for all types of goods, and information systems capable of providing an accurate and complete management of information flows.

Saving money and time are key values for us. As for the fairs, we can arrange collection, transportation, delivery, and packaging in the best way possible with the terms of customers’ need.

Please contact Mr. Maurizio for further information.

We can assist our customers in all the customs formalities within the EU and extra-EU. We can support you with Carnet-ATA, origin certificate issuance, Cites, temporary export, excise management and with customs documents for Middle- and Far East as well as the Americas.

If you have special products (wine, perfume, etc.) to ship, and need help, please contact Ms. Rossana.

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This is the most common way of shipping goods around the globe, and definitely the cheapest one. Sea freight can be divided in LCL (groupage) and FCL (full container load). It is the best solution for shipping goods to fairs or customers, if products are ready pretty much ahead the delivery deadline.

What kind of goods do you have to ship? What container will you need? We advise to choose the sea freight option for shipment or full loads. Definitely not for urgent shipments or groupage.

To answer all your questions, please contact Ms. Rossana or Ms. Elisa.

This method is to be used for short or fairly short distances, and can be arranged whether you have a full load or groupage. Ground Transportation is the best option for any European Fairs. It is advisable to avoid it in very bad weather conditions.

Do you need an ‘all-risks’ insurance? Are sure your papers are finely and fully filled up? Please contact Ms. Maira or Ms. Monica to have all your questions answered.

Airfreight is unquestionably the fastest way to have your goods delivered. Any of your ‘last minute’ shipment can be delivered within the requested time allowing you and your customers to profit from.
You can opt for one of the many you can offer you, please contact Mr. Maurizio.

Preferable: for extra-european fairs
Not advisable: if low budgets