The Staff of I-Sped

passionate people

I-Sped is a company that deals with each aspect of transportation industry, logistic services and freight forwarding. Our long-time experience and resilience have built a strong problem-solving attitude, which, considering the constant changes and introduction of new laws and/or procedures, help our customers to have their goods delivered within the due time with extreme care.

As we are specialist exhibition contractors, we know that the timely transportation of an exhibitor’s goods to and from the venue can make the successful outcome of the exhibition, and that’s why we can provide a customized service tailored to your needs, time constraints and the regulations of the country.

Our human side

As technology stripped a human touch from our lives, I-Sped does restore that human connection with its customers and make sure they are well taken care of. We are that friendly voice at the end of the line that solve your problems.

Founder and owner

Andrea Bianchi


Maurizio Rinaldi

Operative Manager
import & export

Maira Plumari

Operative Manager
import & export

Rossana D’Aulizio

Operative Manager
import & export

Monica Focacci

sales executive

Stefania Ventura

Account Dept.

Elena Nincheri


Gianluca Ciari

junior shipping clerk

Elisa Susanna

junior salesperson

Francesco Nardi