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You don’t need I-Sped to know the answer. I’m sure it’s happened to you, too, at least once.
Hours… infinite, anxiety-filled hours spent waiting for your goods, with no news. Useless phone calls yielding no valid answers. Or yielding absolutely no answers. Cell phones ringing unheeded. Delays and undelivered goods. The total lack of a reference point upon arrival at the trade show premises. These are just some of the aspects, of the difficulties that a company must endure when shipping to a trade show venue.

If you’ve never experienced these situations, you don’t need to read on. But if, instead, you too have been a victim of wrongdoings, shortfalls and incompetence by generalist freight forwarders, then you’re half way there because you know who to avoid in order not to fall into the “spend less” pitfall. Don’t let yourself be fooled by inexperienced forwarders who “do everything for everybody”. Think about it.

You can check the whereabouts of your goods at any time. You can receive regular updates on the location of your valuable goods, and dissipate the anxiety that every exhibitor feels while the merchandise is being shipped. You can have the physical presence of your freight forwarder directly on the showgrounds at your complete disposal.

For you, this means neutralizing any minimal distraction and literally deactivating stress. Your concentration will be 100% there, where it should be: on your business.

Begin your journey with us here: you can choose and carefully plan other services you may require during the show days (manual labor, insurance, packaging management, priority service…).

Your success is also our success

We know well what it feels like to wait hours and hours for a delivery that never arrives. We know the stress and the anger when there’s no one to turn to for news on your goods and time is running out. And we know how a review by an unsatisfied customer can damage a company. That’s why we offer the best service you can wish for in shipping your goods to the show venue. Because your success is our success.

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Active-Track Service:stress-free, anxiety-free shipping!

Active-Track is the tracking service for your goods to the trade show venue that you can’t find anywhere else. Thanks to a management system with barcode, from the time the delivery is taken over to when it is unloaded, you can receive every detailed movement of your goods through a simple sms or email.

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the 5 secrets to shipping your goods to the trade show venue
without delays or damages.

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